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Benefits and What Can You Claim?

Having a hard time? Let the government help you!

For a large percentage of the population, getting by in life still hasn’t become simple. The ever rising costs of virtually everything from food to rent to other consumables, life is increasingly becoming difficult and as such it becomes harder to maintain a home.

Since this is a problem that affects many, it is only reasonable that the government step in to help alleviate the condition of its people. A number of benefits have been introduced for claim if you meet certain criteria and are put in place in order to ensure you can at least lead a relatively comfortable life. There are a number of reputable informational sites such as Gov Benefits or Turn 2 Us that speak and divulge a detailed picture of the benefits that one can claim. 

A brief look at the types of Benefits available

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the available benefits and grants availed by the government up for claims by those who meet its criteria for awarding.

Family Benefits

If one is living under unfavourable conditions while looking after children, one is entitled to a number of family benefits which include but aren’t limited to guardian’s allowance and child benefit. Benefits are also provided for women who are expectant.

Personal Independence Payment

This particular kind of benefit is free of tax charges and made available to those who are having a hard time maneuvering around or performing everyday activities.

Bereavement Benefits

In the event of losing a loved one, some form of bereavement benefit can be claimed. It is different from other forms of benefits in that it is time-constrained or it may be made available once in a specified amount that is payable later.

Disability Living Allowance

This type of benefit is availed only to those living with a disability or long term illness as well as individuals who are responsible for caring for a disabled person. As a result of the different circumstances of people, the amount granted will be different.

Pension Benefits

Having attained the set pensionable age, individuals may also get extra benefits aside from the state pension such as pension credit, which is subject to a number of factors.

Job-seeker & In-work Benefits

These are benefits paid out by the government who are unemployed, falling in the job-seeker category whereas the In-work benefits is paid out to those who are working but receive a low income.

Universal Credit

Though still in its early phases, it is to be availed to unemployed persons or people earning less than 338 pounds a month.

Why you should claim your benefits

As a citizen and tax payer, the money you invest towards your long-term well-being is calculated under the assumption that you are already receiving your entitled benefits. As such it is imperative to claim all benefits for which you are eligible for so as to avoid unnecessary overpayment. 

It is also your freedom and right as a citizen to claim the benefits availed by the government, so it would not be resourceful to forgo claiming your entitled benefits.

More Resources

The above list though not exhaustive was meant to inform you of some of the benefits available for claim. Places like Turn 2 Us or The The Money Advice Service as well have more in-depth descriptions of what you can claim, how to calculate how much you’re entitled to among many other pieces of information vital towards helping you claim your benefits.

Getting your Benefits

Having gone through the motions of identifying and determining what benefits you’re qualified for, how do you go about the claiming process? 

It is important to remember that the benefits will be provided to you based on your specific situation. The staff working at the Benefits department have several helplines available. Once you call them, explain your situation, they will be responsible for the process thereafter. The same can be achieved by visiting the online informational government resources on the government website.

Starting off Early

Long-term care may ultimately be needed at one point or another and as such, more individuals are encouraged to start catering for their long-term care. There are many options available for this and it may take some time to understand but there are helplines available as well as informational websites that have information on how to go about this. Planning early on for your long-term care ensures you ultimately get some government benefits such as attendance allowance or personal independence payments later on in your later age when you claim them.


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